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Independent Non-Partisan Redistricting Reform

Citizens should pick their legislators and not the other way around. I ran for office on a promise to support non-partisan redistricting reform. In 2018, I introduced a constitutional amendment to do just that. I have stood up against both the Republicans and members of my own party who want to keep the corrupt practice of gerrymandering alive. In 2019, I filed HJ582 that would ban this corruption once and for all! We were able to pass one measure that session but we had to vote again in 2020 on the measure. There was a great pressure to reverse course under the new Democratic leadership. I and a few other strong Democrats stood up to all the outside pressure and kept our commitment to the voters who elected us. I am proud to report as a result on our stand YOU will have the opportunity to vote in November to establish a nonpartisan redistricting commission.

Here is Delegate Heretick's floor speech during the 2018 Special Session on Redistricting:



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