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Don't Fall for the Lies --- Stand with Steve Heretick Because FACTS Matter!

A nearly half a million dollar campaign has been launched by dark money from the number one special interest donor in Virginia who wants to deregulate our energy section and turn it over to corporate billionaires.

False Claim: “Delegate Heretick works for the special interests”

The TRUTH: Our Democratic Delegate Steve Heretick, unlike his opponent Nadarius Clark, has not taken “tied” money in return for support. In fact, Mr. Clark is the one being funded by hundreds of thousands of dollars from the largest special interest donor in the state. Our Delegate Steve Heretick works for us!

False Claim: “Delegate Heretick works for the polluters”

The TRUTH: Our Democratic Delegate Steve Heretick is the general assembly leader expanding solar and other renewable energy in Virginia. He has successfully passed more solar energy legislation than any other member of the House. Delegate Heretick opposes deregulating our energy sector and turning it over to the billionaire hedge fund managers that are funding Mr. Clark’s campaign.

False Claim: “Delegate Heretick votes with Republicans more than Democrats”

The TRUTH: According to the well-respected non-profit The Virginia Public Access Project (VPAP), our Democratic Delegate Steve Heretick is one of the most loyal Democrats, voting with a majority of the Democratic Caucus 90-96% of the time over the last two years.

False Claim: “Delegate Heretick opposes police reform”

The TRUTH: Our Democratic Delegate Steve Heretick has been a leader on police reform. He has worked with the Democratic Caucus to pass meaningful reforms including banning police chokeholds, mandating increased training, and making sure officers' prior misconduct keeps them from gaining future law enforcement employment. Steve has never voted to shield any officer from criminal prosecution- officers that break the law can and should be prosecuted.

False Claim: “Delegate Heretick opposes criminal justice reform”

The TRUTH: Our Democratic Delegate Steve Heretick introduced criminal justice reform bills on his first day in office. He stood up to opposition within his own party and led the successful fight to legalize marijuana.

False Claim: “Delegate Heretick voted to support confederate monuments”

The TRUTH: This is one of the most misleading attacks of all. The bill in question, supported by Mr. Clark, would allow the destruction of ALL veteran monuments. Delegate Heretick stood with our veterans and refused to support a bill to allow the destruction of WWI, WWII, Vietnam, and other war monuments to our veterans.



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